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We want children at CIS Tunis to learn, to lead and to make a difference



CANOPUS International School of Tunis (CIS Tunis) was founded by parents from various international backgrounds to provide a world class English-based education for their children in Tunis.

CIS International School of Tunis is founded on the fundamental principle of providing a caring, supportive and joyful environment for all students of the school so that they grow as individuals: the well-being of each and every individual is seen as both a personal and a collective responsibility.

Preparing them for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education examinations (IGCSEs), CIS International School of Tunis aspires to help its students acquire the necessary skills and capabilities to shape the world’s future, which starts today, thus inspire them to become internationally minded, global citizens.

CIS International School of Tunis is also shaped on the fundaments of Leadership in which we teach our students to be their own decision makers, Integrity in which we ensure that our work ethic remains intact and Excellence in which we champion the notion of rewarding and self-achievement.

  • Learning program from Nursery to Secondary
  • Positive learning environment
  • Learning through play and hands on experience
  • Extra-curricular Activities




Peaceful Learning Environment: A safe and secure environment conveniently located at Charguia 1.

Peaceful Learning Environment: A caring and supportive learning environment with small class sizes.

Peaceful Learning Environment: Our well-resourced learning environment responds to and supports a wide range of individual needs.

Peaceful Learning Environment: cater for individual needs in a warm and caring learning environment.

ENJOYABLE LEARNING: CIS Tunis focuses on your child as an individual, develops their ability to think reflectively, inquisitively and above all, to be a life-long learner. Everyone has a specific skill that they can harness and build upon, and our curriculum is delivered in a conducive and cognitively stimulating environment that will inspire your child to participate actively and put in their best efforts.

NURTURING ENVIRONMENT: We care on all aspects of the child. CIS Tunis is the right foundation to develop your child’s young mind, active bodies and happy hearts.

TECHNOLOGY TO ENRICH EDUCATION: CIS Tunis is equipped with educational technology tools to support learning and teaching.

  • wireless internet (Wi-Fi) connection across our premise,
  • Digital class resources
  • Access to educational websites for supporting materials
  • Communication tools (ClassDojo) to share assignments and learning resources with students and parents.
  • Projectors, computers and interactive whiteboards.
  • E-learning course management system to give continuous feedback to the parents. (Classera)


Friendly Environment: A friendly school environment where people care and respect each other

School Community: A real international focus, where there is respect and value for those from other cultures, religions and value systems and where this diversity is incorporated back into our learning programs


The mission of CIS International School of Tunis (CIST) is to shape the leaders of tomorrow through a world class education using an English based curriculum.

To achieve its mission, CIST will:

  • 1. Use student-centered teaching model and an international curriculum focused on pedagogical integrity and inquiry based practice.
  • 2. Acknowledge the level of each student and use multiple teaching strategies accordingly to achieve excellence
  • 3. Establish authentic partnership and communication channels with parents/guardians and community.
  • 4. Continuously evaluate, improve and monitor the quality of learning environment, instruction materials, curriculum and teaching staff to achieve the highest possible results


With your help and our commitment we can achieve it

Our vision is for CIST to rival the best schools in the world and our students to enter the best universities. It is our commitment to do anything necessary to achieve it. We realize that it is an ambitious goal but we have a firm believe that with our students, your help, our passion and commitment we can achieve it.


Good Educational program must target both Academic and Behavior development of students

The CIST believes that students can reach their full potential and become the leaders of tomorrow if safe and secure positive learning environment are provided. CIST also believes that a good educational program must target both academic and behavior development of students in order to lead to excellence.

Students should take an active part in their learning through inquiry, discussions and hands-on activities. They should not just be instilled with knowledge but also challenged to apply it to solve real life challenges. They should learn to collaborate with their peers to achieve things that they cannot achieve on their own.

CIST aims to create a school atmosphere/culture where everyone respect each other, appreciate each other’s differences and become a global citizen.

The CIST guarantees that every child will have his/her ethnicity, race, religion and cultural beliefs recognized by the school whether it is in the classroom, within school grounds or at school fields and extra-curricular activities.


Integrity * Leadership * Excellence


Honesty, fairness and truthfulness are at the core of our values and are the reason why CIST was founded. We not only believe in but expect without any compromise ethical behavior. We strive to create a transparent environment where morals and principles are the beating heart of people’s interactions.


Our objective is to grow the leaders of tomorrow. Well rounded individuals who lead by example and are able to identify and take the steps to achieve great results through influencing, collaboration and interacting with others. We strive and we and our student exhibit both their values and their ethics in their leadership style and actions


Excellence is our way of life. We permanently seek it and guide our students to achieve it in whatever they do. We strive for the highest standards and you should always expect it from us.


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