Vision and Philosophy

Our vision is for CIST to rival the best schools in the world and for our students to enter the best
universities. It is our commitment to do anything necessary to achieve it. We realize that it is an
ambitious goal but we have a firm believe that with your help, our passion and commitment we
can achieve it.
School Philosophy
We believe that a great academic curriculum has to be combined with rich experiences in order to
lead to excellence. Students should take an active part in their learning through inquiry,
discussions and hands-on activities. They should not just be instilled with knowledge but also
challenged to apply it in order to solve real life challenges. They should learn to collaborate and
synergize with their peers to achieve things that they cannot achieve on their own. At our school
aim to create an educational environment where everyone respects each other, appreciate each
other’s differences and become a global citizen. We guarantee that every child will have his/her
ethnicity, race, religion and cultural beliefs recognized by the school whether it is in the classroom,
within school grounds or at school fields and extra-curricular activities.