Primary School

Building the foundation for success in university and future life is the main goal of the CIST Primary School curriculum by emphasizing academic, social, physical, and ethical growth. CIST Primary is the perfect environment for students to develop their inherent curiosity into a passion for lifelong learning. Reflecting our international context, our curriculum is aligned with Cambridge Primary Year Program and enriched with tailored resources to address the specific needs of students. Teaching instructions cater to each student’s needs, abilities and learning styles, resulting in a community of happy, confident and engaged learners.

During the time spent at primary school, children become more aware of themselves and the world around them. We believe that in this period, if children develop a positive attitude towards learning, then the foundation for future academic and personal achievement is laid. The CIST Primary program balances academic progress with developing social, physical, and emotional development. Art, music, and P.E. classes also contribute to stimulating a healthy, eager and happy attitude toward life-long learning.

In addition to teaching students to become global citizens and future world leaders, the primary school provides them with a rich opportunity to appreciate their own and other cultures. CIST community is a diverse and multicultural one, composed of students and staff members from different backgrounds. The academic curriculum provides important skills for the future, while daily language lessons in French and Arabic provide an authentic context for the discovery of culture and customs from other parts of the world. A highly qualified staff of dedicated professionals looks after the needs of each student in the CIST Primary, and we aim to generate student excitement for learning and curiosity for life-long development.